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Communicate for Success

The Communicate for Success program helps international business professionals to improve business communication skills.

Speak clearly

Do you listen to native English speakers and know that it sounds different from your English - but you can’t figure out why? Do you finish speaking in a meeting only to have your manager jump in and explain?

Write consisely

Do you take forever to write the simplest business email? Does your manager send edits to you that look like a completely different document? Do you send emails only to get follow up emails that ask what you mean?   

Present confidently

When you are asked to give a presentation, do you wonder if people will understand you? Do you wonder which content you should use? While presenting, do you speak quickly to “get it over with”?
Meet your instructor

Bina Dugan

I'm a communication coach with 25 years of training and coaching experience in pronunciation, speaking, writing, and presentation. I work with international professionals who have been identified as high achievers and fast-tracked by their companies. I assess their language skills and make suggestions on how to sound more proficient, utilize more concise and direct ways of phrasing ideas, and think about their audience.
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Convenience and flexibility

Busy international business professionals set their own pace as they integrate learning into their schedules. With access to the coursework from anywhere with an internet connection they can seamlessly balance professional and personal commitments.

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

“I used to say really important words wrong, but no one would correct me. They said I was ‘fine’. Now I can say the words correctly.” 
“I speak in a more natural way because of the tips you shared in the course.” 
“I started using parallel structure in my bullet points after attending the classes.” 
“I write using fewer words now. My emails are shorter, yet more clear.”
“My clients understand the information in my presentations now. I realized I was giving too many details that they didn’t need.” 
“I used to be so nervous that I would speed through the presentation. Now I know that slowing down is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of confidence. It brings my audience’s focus to me more than ever.” 
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