Speaking for Success


Clarity of speech, be more confident, and professional.


More effective and inclusive meetings. 


Respond more easily to situations or handle high-stakes discussions in English.
International business professionals often consider that accent impacts their effectiveness at work, whether in meetings, on the phone with clients, or in everyday interactions with colleagues. Surprisingly, it has little to do with individual sounds and more about the rhythm of both native language and English.

Convenience and flexibility

  • 8 online modules
  • Self-paced videos
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Why take this course? 

You increase your chances to grow when you are perceived as someone in control of the meeting, easily responding to situations, or handling high-stakes discussions properly in English.

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Enrich your learning experience when taking other Communicate for Success online courses or scheduling private sessions, targeting your specific speaking needs or challenges.

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Speaking for Success


The tips and strategies covered in the Speaking for Success course are universal and speakers of any language can benefit from taking this course. 

The course focuses on speakers of Spanish and Portuguese when speaking English. We will also cover other languages, including Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, and Arabic. Contact us for other languages.
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Meet the instructor

Bina Dugan

I'm a communication coach with 25 years of training and coaching experience in pronunciation, speaking, writing, and presentation. I work with international professionals who have been identified as high achievers and fast-tracked by their companies. I assess their language skills and make suggestions on how to sound more proficient, utilize more concise and direct ways of phrasing ideas, and think about their audience.   
Patrick Jones - Course author
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